Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To Sir With Love

...the novel that i haven't finish even though it's been 5 months i've bought it. Dunno what makes me delayed the process, but i promise...i'll fin it anyway.. I have to be responsible for the thing that i have started..huhuhuuu.. Yeah! Responsible!!!

To Sir, With Love is a 1959 autobiographical novel by E. R. Braithwaite set in the East End of London. The novel is based on true events concerned with Braithwaite taking up a teaching post in a school there. The novel was made into a film in 1967.

:: the synopsis ::

Ricardo 'Ricky' Braithwaite is a British Guiana-born engineer who has worked in the USA and an oil refinery in Aruba. Coming to Britain on the verge of World War Two, he joines the RAF as aircrew. Demobbed in 1945, he is unable to find work, despite his qualifications and experience, meeting overt anti-black attitudes. But after discussing his situation with a stranger whose name he never learns, he applies for a teaching position and is assigned to a secondary school in London's East End.

Most of the pupils in his class are totally unmotivated to learn and largely semi-literate and semi-articulate. But he persists, despite finding that they are unresponsive to his approach.

Braithwaite decides to try a new approach, and sets some ground rules. The students will be leaving school soon, and will enter an adult society, so he will treat them as adults, and allow them to decide what topics they wish to study. In return, he demands their respect as their teacher. This novel approach is initially rejected, but within a few weeks, the class is largely won over. He suggests out-of-school activities, including visits to museums, which the kids have never thought about before. A young teacher, Gillian Blanchard, volunteers to assist him on these trips. Some of the girls start to speculate whether a personal relationship is budding between Braithwaite and Gillian. The trip is a success and more are approved by the initially sceptical Head.

The teachers and the Student Council openly discuss all matters affecting the school and what is being taught. The general feeling is that Braithwaite's approach is working, although some teachers still advocate a tougher approach to the kids.

The mother of one of the girls comes to speak to Braithwaite, feeling that he has more influence than she has with her impressionable daughter, who is staying out late and might be getting into trouble.

Even teacher Mr. Weston, who had disapproved of Braithwaite's attitude to his class, now openly admits that the latter is a gifted teacher, and should reconsider leaving for an engineering job. In the meantime, Braithwaite and Gillian are deeply in love and are discussing marriage. Her parents are openly disapproving of a 'mixed-race' marriage, but realise that they're serious and both intelligent people who know what they are doing. Braithwaite is offered an engineering position and rejects it to continue teaching.

:: the conclusion is, i hope i can be like Braithwaite as i am in the same field of career like him. I honestly felt that teaching wasn't meant for me. But, if this is what has destined in my life, I feel so contented and pray to Allah SWT to make me strong and always be responsible for whatever happen in my life. Amin.